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BUSKER BUSKER - VOL.1 & VOL.1 FINISH [10th Anniversary UHQCD Edition] 2CD

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** UHQCD-R (Ultimate High Quality CD) **
Ultimate High Quality CD (UHQCD) is a new manufacturing method using photopolymer transfer technology and special alloys, and is a high-quality CD made by Memory-Tech in Japan and can be played on all CD players.

It was called a high-quality CD for its high reproducibility of master quality, but please note in advance that there may be differences in perception depending on the listener's subjective variables and playback audio environment

■ Release Date : 2022.07.18
■ 2 CD + 36p Photobook
■ Ships from Korea, Republic of
■ 100% Original Brand New Item
■ Will be Count Towards Hanteo and Gaon Chart (Family Code : HF00822LES001)

【Track List】
1. 봄바람
2. 첫사랑
3. 여수 밤바다
4. 벚꽃 엔딩
5. 이상형
6. 외로움 증폭장치
7. 골목길
8. 골목길 어귀에서
9. 전활거네
10. 꽃송이가
11. 향수
1. 그댈 마주하는건 너무 힘들어 (그마힘)
2. 네온사인
3. 소나기 (주르르루)
4. 정말로 사랑한다면
5. 기다려 주세요