ILY:1 - Love in Bloom (1st Single Album)

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The new girl group ILY:1 will appear in the music industry on the 15th.

ILY:1 (Ara, Lyrica, Hana, Rona, Nayu, Elba) opened a worldview concept video through the official SNS channel at midnight on the 1st and 2nd, and captivated K-pop fans with their colorful charms.

In the video, the members of ILY:1 who boast a picture-perfect visual appear, 'Wind' Rona, 'Moon' Nayu, 'Aurora' Lyrica, 'Rain and Snow' Ara, 'Lightning' Hana, 'Cloud' Elba Each member's concept was revealed, drawing attention.

In particular, in this video, from Lorna, who immediately catches the eye with blonde hair, Nayu with a clear atmosphere, Lyrica with a dreamy and mysterious feeling, Innocent Ara, Hana of Girl Crush, and Elba boasting pure white innocence. expectations were raised to a high level.

In this video, which contains the beginning of a worldview that will be unraveled with fans through future activities, ILY:1 evoked a calm and warm feeling, yet showed a strong girl crush image. In addition to the music they listen to, the group, which will also showcase the music they see through solid storytelling, is expected to perform distinctive music and performances with the keyword ‘love’.

■ Release Date : 2022.04.05
■ CD + 44p Booklet + Mini Postcard (Random 1 out of 6) + Photocard (Random 1 out of 6)
■ Ships from Korea, Republic of
■ 100% Original Brand New Item
■ Will be Count Towards Hanteo and Gaon Chart (Family Code : HF00822LES001)