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■ Release Date : 2022.12.01
■ CD + 16p Booklet + Mini Calendar + Polaroid
■ Ships from Korea, Republic of
■ 100% Original Brand New Item
■ Will be Count Towards Hanteo and Gaon Chart (Family Code : HF00822LES001)

This year, filled with all my best, seems to be coming to an end. When I look back on this year with a calm and peaceful mind, I think every moment is glittering.

Days of joy and nights of spirits down are precious elements to form our whole life.

If things don't work out as intended, it's okay because there will be other chances.

Hold onto little happiness around us, and let's welcome a bright new year together!

【Track List】
1.Goodbye 2022 [Feat. J.O.Y]
2.Frozen [Feat. Ashley Alisha, Jae Luna]
3.About Time [Feat. Kelsey Kuan]
4.Waiting for You [Feat. Ashley Alisha]
5.Dream Store [Feat. Ashley Alisha, Heyden]
6.Beyond the Stars [Feat. Ashley Alisha]
7.Begin again [Feat. Zach Oliver]
8.Howl [Feat. Ashley Alisha, Kevin Chung]
9.Promise [Feat. Ashley Alisha]
10.Summertime [Feat. Ashley Alisha]
11.Umbrella [Feat. Ashley Alisha, Julian Rose]
12.Once In a Summer [Feat. Ashley Alisha, Kelsey Kuan]
13.Like a Dream [Feat. Ashley Alisha, Kelsey Kuan, Nicholas Roberts]
14.August Rush [Feat. J.O.Y]
15.21 [Feat. Ashley Alisha]
16.Carpe Diem [Feat. J.O.Y, Kelsey Kuan]
17.Van Gogh [Feat. Ashley Alisha]
18.Dream [Feat. Ashley Alisha, J.O.Y]
19.Obliviate [Feat. Nobody likes you pat, Ashley Alisha]
20.[CD only] 올해가 가도 [Feat. amin]

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