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Dept - Goodbye 2023 [Platform Album]

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Outer case is to only protect inclusions inside therefore out box damages cannot be a reason for a RETURN or EXCHANGE.
Please take an UN-BOXING video right after the delivery arrived in case of any defective or missing items inside.

Release Date : 2023.12.11

Mini Card (QR Type) + 2 Photocards (Random 2 out of 5) + Calendar Card Set (Random 1 out of 2) + Letter + 5 Postcards (Random 5 out of 10)

Platform Album is NOT a physical CD. It is a music kit that the songs and images can be downloaded from a smartphone (Android/iOS) by scanning the QR Code. More information is available on the manual inside the product and the images on the product detail page.

Ships from Korea, Republic of
100% Original Brand New Item
Will be Count Towards Hanteo and Gaon Chart (Family Code : HF0082LES001)

[Track List]
1. What Is Love (Feat. J.O.Y, Ashley Alisha)
2. Autumn Love (Feat. J.O.Y, Kelsey Kuan)
3. Selfish Love (Feat. Ashley Alisha)
4. White Snow (Feat. prettyhappy)
5. Dejavu (Feat. J.O.Y, Kelsey Kuan) with Lilly Choi
6. Closer (Feat. Kelsey Kuan)
7. Bye My Blue (Feat. Cindy Zhang)
8. Love Story (Feat. Sally Boy, Kelsey Kuan)
9. Neighborhood (Feat. J.O.Y)
10. 오만과 편견 (Feat. J.O.Y)
11. Me and U (Feat. Vivien Yap)
12. Ocean (Feat. Ashley Alisha, Barmuda)
13. Rainy Day (Feat. Ashley Alisha, J.O.Y) with Lilly Choi
14. No Love (Feat. Ashley Alisha, Pat Kiloran)
15. Dreamers (Feat. Ashley Alisha)
16. Don’t Hate Me (Feat. nobody likes you pat)
17. Stupid (Feat. Ashley Alisha, J.O.Y)
18. Autumn Night (Feat. Kelsey Kuan)
19. Anymore (Feat. Ashley Alisha)
20. [Album Only] With Me (inst.)

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