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[RECORDING TAKE 4] In 2013, B.A.P, who has grown as an artist by expanding its scope of activities beyond Korea to the world, releases his fourth official photobook + DVD set. B.A.P, which has already sold out the previously released TAKE series one after another, and has provided special value beyond a photobook, is planning to once again be on the list of ‘sold out men’ with ‘TAKE 4’, which is born as a limited edition. Through this TAKE 4, which has a total of 80 pages, the meaningful footsteps of the six members are finally revealed, from the first full album that has a special meaning to B.A.P, from the time they showed a heavy presence by making new musical attempts. In addition to unveiling for the first time the behind-the-scenes story of the six members who transformed into judges of 'Justice' and making 'Badman' in Detroit, which has been shrouded in veil, it is the story of '1004 (Angel)', which exudes the charm of a mature man. You can share unforgettable moments with BAP, from all preparations to the thrilling moment of 'first place'. TAKE 4, which was born with a differentiated composition and high-quality perfection, captured the time of the past year or so in a large-scale pictorial that could be used as a bromide. This allows you to enjoy the colorful images of B.A.P, who have grown from the ‘world rookie’ that surprised the world to the ‘global K-pop star’ that marks a new milestone in the K-pop world, in higher quality. In particular, this TAKE 4 has an additional 70-minute DVD that has not been seen before, further enhancing the value of its collection. The behind-the-scenes behind-the-scenes stories of the music video shoots of ‘Badman’ and ‘1004 (Angel)’, which are exclusively released on ‘BAP RECORDING TAKE 4’, and the undisclosed self-cameras of the members, are vivid images that will allow you to keep their most natural appearance. will be. With ‘B.A.P RECORDING TAKE 4’, which contains the record of B.A.P’s beautiful growth that the world is paying attention to, Don't miss out on this opportunity to enjoy 120% of the charms of B.A.P's six men!

■ Release Date : 2014.04.24
■ DVD + 80p Photobook + Plastic Photocard
■ Region Code : 1,3
**This DVD region codes are not support from European DVD players. To play this DVD, you need a code-free DVD Player. For a computer DVD-rom, you can play it by resetting the country region code.")
■ Subtitle : Korean+English
■ Duration : About 60 mins
■ Ships from Korea, Republic of
■ 100% Original Brand New Item
■ Will be Count Towards Hanteo and Gaon Chart (Family Code : HF00822LES001)