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Outer case is to only protect inclusions inside therefore out box damages cannot be a reason for a RETURN or EXCHANGE.
Please take an UN-BOXING video right after the delivery arrived in case of any defective or missing items inside.

Release Date : 2023.09.12
Air-Kit + Title & Credit Card + Square Card (6ea) + Photocard (2ea) + Manual
*** KIHNO KIT is the Music kit that can be downloaded from a mobile phone. (Android/iOS). It is not a Physical CD. The KIHNO KIT has a battery inside and because of it we can only ship ONE set per order. Otherwise there is a customs clearance issue. Orders with more than 1 set could be cancelled.
** This item is not a physical CD. This is the Music Kit which available download from Mobile phone. (Android/iOS)
Ships from Korea, Republic of
100% Original Brand New Item
Will be Count Towards Hanteo and Gaon Chart (Family Code : HF0082LES001)

[Track List]
1. 나한테 왜 그래요 (권혁, 문지용 Ver.) (04:14)
2. 나한테 왜 그래요 (권혁, 문지용 Ver.) (Inst.) (04:14)
3. IoU (04:08)
4. IoU (Inst.) (04:08)
5. 새로운 단계 (02:08)
6. 소소한 이야기 (02:29)
7. 다시 너에게 (02:52)
8. 새로운 출발 (02:19)
9. 나한테 왜 그래요 (조지훈 Ver.) (04:11)
10. 나한테 왜 그래요 (조지훈 Ver.) (Inst.) (04:11)

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