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JTBC Wed-Thu drama 'Thirty, Nine' OST album officially released

The album of 'Thirty, Nine', which has delivered a heartfelt sympathy message to those who are about to turn thirty-nine, through the friendship and love story of three friends who go through the inflection point of their lives, will be officially released.

In this compilation album, including Asol Kang's 'We At That Time', Fromm's 'I Was a Fool', Choi Yuri's 'This Only', MAMAMOO Wheein's 'At the end of your day', etc.

■ Release Date : 2022.04.08
■ CD + 64p Photobook + Holder + 4CUT Photo (3ea) + Postcard + Bookmark
■ Ships from Korea, Republic of
■ 100% Original Brand New Item
■ Will be Count Towards Hanteo and Gaon Chart (Family Code : HF00822LES001)

【Track List】
1. 그때 우리가 [강아솔]
2. I was a fool [프롬]
3. 이것밖에 [최유리]
4. 꽃말 [카더가든]
5. 너의 하루 끝에 [휘인]
6. 그랬을까 (서른, 아홉Ver.) [정준일]
7. 서른, 아홉 (Opening Title) [권영찬]
8. 우리는 서른아홉이다 [권영찬, 김동민]
9. Bonbon [김동민]
10. 보러 갈래요 두 송이? [권영찬]
11. 작약 (with Orchestra) [권영찬]
12. 말 같지도 않은, 어느 날 [권영찬]
13. 두 사람 [권영찬]
14. 시한부 [권영찬]
15. 달리기 [권영찬]
16. 사고는 아니잖아요 [권영찬]
17. 작약 (Piano Solo) [권영찬]
18. 악연 [권영찬]
19. 불편한 진실 [권영찬]
20. Woo hoo hoo [Lil FISH]
21. 솔솔파 [박민주]
22. 차이나타운! [박민주]
23. 천 밤, 또 천 밤, 또 또 천 밤… [김동민]
24. 우리들의 시간 [김동민]
25. 2000년, 고척역 [권영찬]
26. 친애한다는 말 [권영찬]
27. 버킷리스트 [권영찬]
28. 그리고 다음 해, 봄 [권영찬]
29. 삼성동, 효창동 그리고 고척동 [전진희]